World Sickle Cell Day – June 19th

June 19th is World Sickle Cell Day! Sickle cell is a global public health problem. You can help by learning more, knowing if you have the trait, donating blood, and becoming a bone marrow donor or sharing about donating newborns cord blood to a public bank!


Did you know?

  • Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is the most frequent genetic disease worldwide. It is characterized by a change in the shape of the red blood cell from a smooth, donut-shape into a crescent or half moon shape. The half moon shaped blood cell can block blood flow in the body. This can lead to pain, bacterial infections, and other health problems.
  • Sickle cell disease is inherited and can only occur when both parents are carriers of trait genes for the particular condition.
  • It is estimated that 500,000 are born every year with this severe condition and that 50% of them will die before the age of 5 years.
  • SCD affects black populations from African origin and Arabic, Indian and Caucasian populations from Southern Europe.

Have a great weekend!

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