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World Sickle Cell Day – June 19th

June 19th is World Sickle Cell Day! Sickle cell is a global public health problem. You can help by learning more, knowing if you have the trait, donating blood, and becoming a bone marrow donor or sharing about donating newborns cord blood to a public bank!


Did you know?

  • Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is the most frequent genetic disease worldwide. It is characterized by a change in the shape of the red blood cell from a smooth, donut-shape into a crescent or half moon shape. The half moon shaped blood cell can block blood flow in the body. This can lead to pain, bacterial infections, and other health problems.
  • Sickle cell disease is inherited and can only occur when both parents are carriers of trait genes for the particular condition.
  • It is estimated that 500,000 are born every year with this severe condition and that 50% of them will die before the age of 5 years.
  • SCD affects black populations from African origin and Arabic, Indian and Caucasian populations from Southern Europe.

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Fun Fact Friday – Sports Bra: The Origin Story

Hope you have enjoyed your week so far. We’re bringing you facts about the first sports bra made. Did you know that the first sports bra was created by women? The creators, Hinda Miller and Lisa Lindahl in the 1970’s wanted to develop something that would bring many women comfort and support. With the help of a another friend and seamstress, Polly Palmer-Smith, they created the sports bra back in 1977. Before the sports bra existed, women (especially in professional sports) wrapped their breasts binding them together. They used elastic / double up tape or just perform in everyday brassieres that were available during that time.




During the 70’s, running and jogging became more popular as a method of working out. Although for women, running and jogging created a problem. They began having extreme pain on their breast while exercising. Lisa and Hinda got tired of inadequate breast support while exercising, they wanted to do something about it. The idea came from sewing two men’s jockstraps together. The first sports bra model was called “jockbra”, due to its material.







Later, the name was changed to jogbra and was launched in 1978. Since then, the sports bra continues to change and develop to fit the comfort and support for women and girls everywhere. There have even been new developments in the last 10 years for women, who are more than a D size. Before, the largest size for women was a D cup. Sports bras are now available for plus size women and women of even larger breasts sizes.

spots-brasFrom the everyday women to the professional athlete, the sports bra has empowered women and girls for any and every activity. It has become the clothing item you can’t live without. This changed the history of women’s health because they solved how to care for their breast health. The whole process of how women and girls give themselves the provided support and comfort needed for their breasts changes and is forever changing.



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Revolution: A History of the Sports Bra:


Throwback Thursday – Helen Keller


When Helen Keller was 19 months old, she lost her hearing and sight to an illness. Later on, Helen’s parents hired Anne Sullivan as her teacher. Sullivan helped Helen understand and communicate with her surroundings. Sullivan taught Helen to read and write in Braille and to use sign language by touch. Helen Keller could not speak so she had an interpreter to make herself understood.

With assistance from Sullivan, Helen graduated from college with honors. Keller published her first book, The Story of My Life, which was printed in many languages. She contributed to making advancements in public service for the disabled. Keller was also a supporter of women’s rights and other liberal causes. Even though there were many obstacles for Helen Keller, she made an impact as an educator, organizer, and fundraiser. Keller showed the world what she was capable of. This changed the world’s perception of people with disabilities and their abilities.




History – Helen Keller

Sunscreen Protection

When you go outside during these hot summer days, make sure you put sunscreen on your visible skin! The sun emits harmful rays which can cause skin cancer. Check out this infographic created by the American Academy of Dermatology on how to choose the right sunscreen for you. Take into consideration the labels on the sunscreen bottle before buying or using one. Skin cancer is no laughing matter so protect yourself with sunscreen!


How to select a sunscreen infographic



American Academy of Dermatology – How to choose a sunscreen